Tablet, Macbook, or Old Fashioned Pen and Paper?

I am trying to decide if I should buy a tablet for notes and stuff for class or if I should just take my Macbook. I am always nervous about losing my Mac if I take it to campus. I also do not want to leave it in the car when I go to the gym or stop somewhere after classes. But I don’t know if a tablet will be any better. 

My Kindle Fire HD doesn’t work the best for note taking, so I have just used pen and paper. I live about an hour from the university, so I don’t know what would work better.

If I do get a tablet I have to decide if I want to buy an iPad or go for an Android tablet. I’m considering the LG G Pad tablet. But like I said I don’t know if I should go for iPad or Android. I love my Macbook Pro, but I also love my LG G2 phone…

Any advice? What method do you use for note taking in lectures?

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