Sep 3, 2012 / 9 notes
  1. destiny--destiny-and-chicken answered: depressing. You will get attached and you will become sad.
  2. addictedtocophine answered: It’s different but that’s what makes it so good. The 1st 2 seasons will be amazing and the rest have some eps that are “eh” but it’s worth it
  3. fayelinnblair answered: I watched episode one. It’s like a crime drama with scifi mixed in, I like it.
  4. visionofmajora answered: Watched all of them, and they were amazing, not like doctor who but still, amazing.
  5. have-the-wish-i-wish-tonight answered: Its litterally the best thing ever. I really didnt want to watch it (what was i thinking) but i did and i LOVED it so much.
  6. deep-cheese answered: I’ve watched all of it, and I love it, though I thought the first season was pretty bad but seasons 2 and ESPECIALLY 3 were fantastic.
  7. delphineiole answered: Torchwood is very inconsistent. When it’s good it’s REALLY GOOD. But otherwise it is distinctly average.
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